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Making of a Potpourri Fertilizer


The objective: For those people who have lots of plants, buying fertilizers can be expensive. The purpose of my experiment was to make homemade fertilizers and compare them with commercial fertilizers. If homemade fertilizers are as good as commercial fertilizers, then there will be no significant difference in the growth and development of plants being treated.


Homemade solid and liquid fertilizers were made using various ingredients. They were compared with commercial solid and liquid fertilizers on radish and mung bean plants. The plants were kept in small pots and were grown in vermiculite. The experiment was conducted in a controlled environment in my school lab.


Using the analysis of variance, I found out there was no significant difference between the solid and liquid commercial and homemade fertilizers tested on radish plants. However, there was a significant difference between the homemade and commercial fertilizers on mung bean plants, the former being better.


Since homemade fertilizers are equivalent to commercial ones, why go out and buy expensive commercial fertlizers. Instead, household items can be used to make a fertilizer that is as good as the store bought ones.

Homemade solid and liquid fertilizers were compared with commercial solid and liquid fertilizers on mung bean and radish plants.

Science Fair Project done By Priyanka V. Athavale


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