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Compost or Fertilizer


The objective: The objective of my project was to find out if compost or store bought fertilizer helps vegetables grow taller.


I had 12 pots and 4 different groups of 3. For 3 out of 4 I filled to the top with Black Magic Potting Soil and the last group I filled half with the soil and half with compost. In one of the groups I put 3 fertilizer stakes in each of the pots and in another group when I watered them I put 3 drops of liquid fertilizer in their water. One group was my control with only potting soil. All of the pots had 3 beans in them. I grew my plants under a grow light, which was on for 14 hours a day. I watered them all about every 3 days or when they were dry. I recorded all my information and every day recorded all the plants heights.


The liquid fertilizer plants had the tallest average growth and the compost had the lowest average growth out of the plants in my experiment.


My conclusion is that the plants fed with liquid fertilizer in their water will grow the tallest, but I found the compost plants had the thickest stems out of the beans in my experiment even though they were the shortest.

The project is to find if liquid fertilizer, stick fertilizer, compost, or just soil makes vegetables grow tallest.

Science Fair Project done By Eric S.K. Koons


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