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Mobile Location Alarm


The application "Mobile Location Alarm" solves all these problems. It offers below services

  • Retrieves the user's current geological coordinates.
  • Allow user to enter new alarm for a particular location
  • Alongwith alarm, user can optionally put the reminder text as well
  • Once user is near the location, the alarm will ring and also if there is any reminder text it will be displayed to user.
  • User can edit/delete/update/enable/disable the alarms.
  • User can see the locations on Map to find out how far he is from the expected location.

Mobile Application:

The mobile application has below modules

Set Alarm

This module is responsible to get inputs from user about the alarm - name of location, expiry date of alarm, reminder description if any. This module is responsible of converting the location name into actual geocoordinates and set the alarm for that location.

Alarm Generator

This module is responsible to ring the alarm if user is near to the location for which alarm is set.

Alarm Viewer

This module is responsible to display the already set alarms. Allows user to edit/delete/update alarms.


This module is responsible to display map wherein the current location of user and the expected location are shown on the google map.


This module allows user to set some settings for the applications.

Hardware Requirements:


  • GPRS
  • Android 1.5 or higher
  • S/W System Configuration:-

      1. Android Google Api 1.5 or higher
      2. Android Development Tool plugin
      3. Eclipse 3.4 or higher
      4. Sun JDK 5 or higher


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