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The objective: I wanted to see what would separate more hydrogen from salt water. Would a higher concentration of salt separate more, or would a higher voltage separate more..


How I went about this project was I set up a tub and filled it with 5000 mL of water at 47 degrees Celsius. I then added 5% salt concentration to the water. I put two graduated cylinders into the salt-water solution and filled them up to their top line. I would then put two electrodes attached to copper-wire in the cylinder and attach the wire to a 1.5-volt battery. I would allow the battery to be attached for a total of five minutes. After five minutes had passed I would observe how far the level of the water had dropped in the cylinder. I kept the first trial as a base trial, and I continued this process with a 10%, 15%, and 20% salt concentration at 1.5-volts. I tested a 5% concentration with 3-volts, 4.5-volts, and 6-volts.


My results showed that the increase of voltage showed a significant increase of hydrogen separated. The amount of hydrogen separated during the voltage trials was much greater than the hydrogen separated during the concentration trials.


My conclusion is that an increase of voltage will separate more hydrogen than an increase in concentration (of salt).

This project is to separate hydrogen from salt water.

Science Fair Project done By So-Ky R. Loren


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